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Loh Guan Lye Penang (04 2388781)

心理医生有 Dr See 和 Dr Alex。
职能治疗师有 Ms Heng 和 Mr Lee.
言语治疗师有Ms Ang ,Ms Hoong ,Ms Cheah 和 Ms Oh
Loh Guan Lye 的设备齐全,他们有个人Therapy和 Group Therapy。
要记得预约,尤其是Dr See 和 Ms Heng。

Seberang Jaya Hospital 的 Dr Lai 也不错,可是要等很久。(因为是政府医院)
有Occupational Therapy Ms Lee, a good patient therapy teacher.


1) Ms Chia Kien Eng
Island Hospital,
308 Macalister Road, 10450 Penang, Malaysia
Tel: +(604) 228 8222


Gnosis Professional Hearing Services (near bangunan UMNO)
1595, Jalan Kebun Sireh, Taman Desa Damai,
14000 Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang.
Tel: 04-5080304

- Ms Chia is one of the most experienced speech therapist in Malaysia, with more than
20 years of clinical experiences.

Mr Loke Chee Keong
Island Hospital,
308 Macalister Road, 10450 Penang, Malaysia
Tel: +(604) 228 8222

Mr Teng Wei Ping
The Cerebral palsy (Spastic) Children's Association of Penang
425, Jalan Masjid Negeri, 11060 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.
Tel: +604-657 0160

Spastic Center is NGO, free of charge for speech therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy for spastic children. Those who are not from Penang, can try to apply to attend therapy in the school for free. Please call the school for application. Those therapists in spastic center, only deal with spastic / CP children (means they are really expert in CP/ spastic!!) ( That's what i think)


Ms Ng Boon Kheng (Temporary, will be transfered to BM soon)
GH Penang
ENT Department
Hospital Pulau Pinang
Jalan Residensi, Penang
Tel: +604-2293333


Ms Terry
Asia Community Service (ACS)
227 Jalan Pemancar,
11700 Gelugor, Penang
Tel: 604-6585396

- Ms Terry is from US. One of the most experienced speech therapist in Malaysia, especially in Down Syndrome & SLD. But she is back to US now. Will return to Penang next year 2011 (hopefully). ACS is NGO too. Free of charge.


Seberang Jaya 有Asia Community Service . Contact : 04-3984358 (Ms. Ch'ng)
有Early Intervention for Special Need Children. It's a non-profit organization. Excellent teacher.


39-C, Chong Thuah Building, Weld Quay
Telephone: +60 4 2633 229
Fax: +60 4 2631 229


BOLD (Bureau of Learning Difficulties) Butterworth: 04-3984358

BOLD PG: 04-6598611
BOLD website: http://www.boldspecial.org/


  1. Can you please correct information on BOLD:-

    BOLD Association for Children with Special Needs, Penang.
    email: boldspecial@gmail.com
    website: http://www.boldspecial.org

    BOLD-PSDC Centre
    48 Jalan Tembaga
    11600 Penang
    Tel: 04-6598611
    Office Open: Tues - Sat: 1-5 pm

    BOLD-Bunga Tanjung Centre
    61 Lengkok Siakap Satu
    Seberang Jaya
    13700 Penang
    Tel: 04-3984358
    Office Open: Mon - Fri: 1-5 pm

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  4. Am Ms Oh, the speech therapist (previously working in Loh Guan Lye Specialists Centre). Running my own speech therapy centre now.

    Pacific Speech Therapy
    12G, Jalan Delima,
    11700 Island Glades, Penang
    Tel: 04-658 7098
    H/P: 017 482 7098

    I am going to start a group therapy on 2011.
    Topic: Developing Social Skills and Relationship
    Targeted Group: 4 - 16 years old
    Criteria: child is verbal with basic language understanding, preferrably hing functioning ASD.
    Location: Penang Island

    If interested, please contact me for details.

  5. 槟城自闭症中心电话:04-6564357

    About us
    Association of Resource and Education for Autistic Children (REACh)
    279, Jalan Pekeliling,
    11700 Bukit Gelugor, Penang

  6. Thank you so much with the list shared !very helpful What is the name of the group mentioned and we would like to join ?